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Teacher / Tutoring jobs in Skype: Spanish language. (Online coach who will help me enhance my vocabulary in Spanish is desired.) – Preply –

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Tutoring jobs in Skype: Spanish language.
Specialties: General.
Age range of target audience: Not Specified (1-100).
I would love to take the DELE exam in Spanish to certify my abilities.
I got a 9 (A**) for Spanish in my recent GCSE results, but have dropped Spanish A Level so that I can focus on the subjects I want to do at university.
I didn’t want my Spanish to go to waste and would love to continue learning it even though I don’t do it at school anymore.
I would really love to know what level I should do for the DELE (I want to do either B2 or C1 but I’m not sure which one I should do).
I would also love to do mostly speaking practise as this is the skill that I struggle with – maybe I could have 2 one hour lessons per week? Please let me know if you are able to tutor me.
Thank you, from Molly Roberts.
Ensure lessons are planned with clear objectives.
Create interactive and relevant lesson plans to suit the level of student.
Tutor the student using customized lesson plans.
Be well-organized and committed.
Excellent problem solving skills in order to identify knowledge gaps and create action plans.
The ability to adapt to changing learning priorities of the student and maintain flexible working hours.
We offer:
Work according to your own flexible schedule.
Experience of teaching students from all over the world.
Friendly and creative international team.
Salary based on your working hours.

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